Working With Me

Through hiring me you’ll experience more freedom and greater organisation, giving you more time to develop your business and work on the things you love to do – professionally and personally. An extra hour a day, 5 days a week, adds up to 260 hours over the year. What would you do with that extra time? Spend more time building your business? Enjoying that hobby you never have time for? Making memories with family and friends? Or something else?

I do not outsource any of my services which means that I am the only person working with you. Therefore I get to know your needs and requirements in depth, and will quickly become an indispensable part of your business.

Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as 1 2 3!

Step 1

Contact me using the enquiry form and tell me a little bit about yourself and what help you are looking for in your business.

Step 2

We discuss your requirements and how I can help you. I will then put together a bespoke proposal based on what we discussed. If you are happy with this we then move to Step 3. 

Step 3

I then issue my client service agreement (signing is easy online), together with an initial invoice.

What Isn't Included

It's important to note that I don't provide the following services.

Fixed Working Hours

I work to deadlines rather than set times, for example, instead of responding between 9am and 5pm in any particular time zone, I respond within 24 hours Monday to Friday, usually more quickly. Inbox Management (if required) will be carried out twice daily, Monday to Friday.

Financial Services

Accounting is not included in my service as it’s a specialist skill that requires specific knowledge of the laws where your business is formed and the corresponding financial requirements. However, I am happy to produce invoices on your behalf and other related services (eg chasing for payment) and I can supply your bookkeeper or accountant with anything that runs through my operations such as sales, invoices and/or digital receipts.

'Live' Services

I offer a purely digital service, so anything that requires a "real-time" attendance such as 'live’ chat or answering phone calls - isn't available through my service.

Additional Information

I am closed on Spanish (Andalucía) Public Holidays and The Christmas and New Year Holidays. If you require help during the days, please contact me for further assistance.

Pricing Information

Please note the following points regarding the pricing on this page
All prices quoted are in Euros and are exclusive of any applicable taxes (IVA/VAT). IVA (VAT) will be added to the final invoice where applicable.

All packages must be paid for in advance. Any time used over and above the packages will be charged at the relevant hourly rate. You will be informed when you are nearing the end of your purchased hours.

Unused hours on retainer packages may be carried over for a period of 1 month.  Hours on the hourly packages must be used within 3 months.

All work is required to be scheduled to mutually agreed deadlines, however, I appreciate you may occasionally need work done with speed, efficiency and accuracy, meeting tighter than normal deadlines which haven’t been discussed in advance. My quick turnaround service guarantees my usual level of quality, but fast! My express service rate is 30€ per hour and is subject to availability (minimum 1 hour charged for).

I use time monitoring software and charge you by the minute (minimum 5 minutes per work session).


"I have found Tracy a delight to work with. She communicates well, is reliable and prompt with her work, and takes initiative to make improvements to processes. I definitely recommend her services!"
Headshot of Julie Waterhouse for Testimonial

Julie Waterhouse

Principal, JD Waterhouse
"I have very basic technology skills, and felt overwhelmed by Wordpress and MailChimp. Tracy has been amazing at taking those tasks off my plate."

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SA Westbrook

Lifestyle Blogger,
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